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Private yoga

"Have you ever wondered what it's like to do a headstand? 
Wanna learn how?"

Enjoy the benefits of having your very own Professional yoga teacher in your home to take you through a 1 hour yoga class, that is designed to your very needs.

From dynamic vinyasa flow, strengthen and sculpting your body, building a strong core, calming the mind, breathing techniques, and a journey to the inner self and meditation, Michelle will create a bespoke class for YOU.

Creating a calm and peaceful body, mind and spirit that will flow through every part of your being, helping to create a focused mind, happy heart and a kind soul in these challenging times.

Contact Michelle today to book your first class with a discount offered to those effected by COVID19.  Choose your location from the comfort of your own home, to your favourite park or beach, or even my home yoga studio in North Bondi, Sydney.

Let the yoga practice help spread love to all you are connected with, especially our family and friends who need it most.

Lots of Love and Kindness xx

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